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Brexit: it's happened! What will this mean for you now?

We now know the framework for the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. What will this change for you, and how can we support you during this transition that will affect the economy and all Belgian companies in one way or another?

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Building a positive future together

BNP Paribas Fortis wants to go the extra mile together with you. Our financial solutions are designed to make your life easier, help you grow your business and put sustainability first. We work on better ways of banking every day. We call this #PositiveBanking.

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How far is your company in terms of sustainability?

The world is changing in the face of challenges such as climate change and ever diminishing resources, and current business models are reaching their limits. The good news is that the changing world also offers us an infinite number of opportunities to do more and better business, develop new markets and services. Let’s take action now.

  • The Banker names BNP Paribas "Most Innovative Investment Bank for Climate Change and Sustainability 2019"

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    This is how Corporate Banking will help your company move forward

    Ideas on how to grow your business

    We will support you as you realise your projects and invest in the growth of your business with custom tools and solutions.

    Expand your business internationally

    Let our experts in Corporate Banking or other areas of our vast banking network in Belgium or abroad assist you.

    Optimise your cash

    We will help you manage your working capital on a daily basis. Together, we will ensure that your cash comes in on time and that you can use it in the best possible way for your business development.

    Do business sustainably

    We will contribute to the sustainability of your business by taking a closer look at your business model and strategy together.

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    Tackle your business and growth with confidence

    Your business needs a trusted partner, now more than ever. It is our priority to listen to you and to anticipate your challenges. Whatever your company needs, we will be happy to help you with custom advice and financing.

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    Be inspired

    Discover the stories of these Belgian entrepreneurs and let them inspire you for your own company.

    Indaver is building a brand-new sorting plant to be able to sort and recycle plastic waste from the new P+MD rubbish bags. And that’s thanks to our green loan with green interest-rate hedging - a first in Belgium.

    "What is important about our collaboration with BNP Paribas Fortis is the partnership. In addition, they make an important positive contribution to our growth story."
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    Filip Callens, Assistant CFO Katoen Natie

    Your growth plans and our expertise: a sustainable combination

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    "Successful companies drive the economy of this country forward. Corporate Banking wants to help make companies future-proof. We design custom solutions based on companies' needs, and we encourage open innovation to increase their competitiveness. We also guide them in their transition towards a sustainable business model."
    Didier Beauvois, Head of Corporate Banking BNP Paribas Fortis

    Discover our blog for entrepreneurs

    The world is changing rapidly. Changing circumstances, disruptive technologies and new ways of manufacturing and consuming offer opportunities to entrepreneurs, but also raise many questions. Entrepreneurs and experts use our blog to inform each other about the latest developments and insights.