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Business Credit Cards and Easy Banking Business

The perfect combination for digitally managing your spending and card limits

You can combine a Business Credit Card and Easy Banking Business to streamline the management of all your professional expenses. Be digital, flexible and fully secure thanks to the included fraud cover.

To the Cards Starter Guide

Need help with your credit card?

How do you change the PIN for your Business Credit Card? How can you obtain a duplicate statement for your transactions or use the insurance linked to the card?

Discover all our tips

Manage your cards digitally

Request a new Business Credit Card. Activate, deactivate or block an existing card in just a few clicks.

Rest assured

Protect yourself against any unpleasant risks and even possible employee fraud of up to €5,000 per year.

Personalise your use

You determine where and how a credit card can be used in the settings for the geographical area, e-commerce, spending limit and so on.

Easy and paperless

You can manage your Business Credit Cards in just a few clicks with the Cards Starter Guide tool in Easy Banking Business: who, what, where and how much? You are in control and you get a clear summary of all expenses for a particular Business Credit Card.

Digital expense management sounds very interesting, so please contact me

Discover all the assets of a Business Credit Card

See what is possible with a Business Credit Card

Make life easier for yourself

Combine Business Credit Cards with Easy Banking Business

  • Secure
    Credit cards are accepted at millions of physical and online sales outlets around the world. Free insurance is included, so you can make all your professional purchases with peace of mind.
  • Easy to use
    As a company manager, you need to have a complete and constant overview of all expenses incurred by you and your employees on travel and hotel costs, business meals, IT equipment and so on. The Business Credit Card and Easy Banking Business allow you to streamline the management of all these expenses.
  • Well organised
    Managing your credit card expenses has never been easier. "Who bought what? How can I activate or block a card? How can I modify my employees' spending limits? Where can I find a list of all expenses?" You will receive an immediate answer to all your questions.
To the Cards Starter Guide

Which card for your company?

BNP Paribas Fortis offers you two complementary cards: Visa Business Blue and Mastercard Business Silver. You can compare these cards and choose the card that suits your needs best.

See all the benefits here

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